Yarn Quilling


This was quite an impromptu craft. I’ve got some yarn on hand(leftover from the Mickey Yarn Balls) and suddenly my LA said that she was bored. I remember doing this when I was young. But the only difference is I quill my yarn to form a picture of a bird which I think is probably too complex for a 4 year plus little girl.

So I taught her how to quill a circle and let her have a go at it.

Then LL saw what we were doing and was intrigue and wanted to have a go at it too!

So, here they are quilling the yarn..



First put some glue onto a piece of paper. Use 80gm Art Stock Paper as the glue will make the paper wet and tear easily if a thinner paper is used. Put a blob of glue on the paper. Be generous. Then start quilling the yarn round and round. Use a toothpick (or in my case, we used satay sticks) to guide the yarn round and round. Avoid using fingers as this will make your hand sticky and then it will be difficult to handle the yarn.

For older children, the can draw a picture and then use yarn to quill each section in the picture. The process takes a lot of time and concentration on the child’s part. Use multi-coloured yarn to keep it interesting. If your child is tired, let your child rest and you can continue the quilling on another day.

Let the glue dry out (might take a few hours). And after that, let your child loose with some crayons. Colour pencils might be too difficult to colour over the glue. And paint might just dilute the glue. As them to draw something that they think can make use of the yarn they have quilled. Here is what my LA came up with. Flowers. And she has a cute explanation to go with what she drew.

The blue at the top is blue skies. The green below represents grass where there is water and flowers can grow. The sides which is reddish brown means that the soil there is too dry. That’s why no grass or flowers are able to grow there. Cute! If I had not asked, I would have thought she used the 4 different colours to frame up the picture!


And as for LL, he chose to draw a different object for each quilled circle. You’ll be able to see a sun, some aliens, rocket, fish(?), tortoise(?). Well, at least that is what he told me!