Our Services


Non edible Clay Figurines



In StoryCraftz we help you personalise your dream in clay(non-edible) or sugar(edible).

If you would like to have a figurine to keep forever, we can help you mould one with clay. Or if you are having a special occasion and would like customised door gifts to commemorate the event, we can help you design one too. We make customised clay items based on your needs. These are, however, non-edible.










Edible Sugar Figurines



If you have a dream figurine as your cake topper, we can help you conceptualise it in sugar.

We help make your dreamĀ customised sugar figurines based on your needs. These are edible and is suitable to put atop your cakes.

All figurines/items, both edible and non-edible, are fully customised and moulded from scratch by hand. No two figurines/items are truly alike, so all figurines/items are one-of-a-kind(OOAK).












Besides customised figurines, we also offer our services to hold clay workshops in parties and private homes.

During school holidays, we collaborate with cafes, shopping complex, preschools etc to hold school holiday clay workshops.








Do contact us if you would like to customise your own figurine or hold a workshop in your place.