Red Indian headband!!

LA with her cheeky pose, decorating her headband

We were about to leave the house and we saw this… 2 of them, lying on the floor.



What do you think we did? Of course we picked it up! Then LA got inspired. She knew where I kept my craft supplies and went to get a long strip of cardboard, scissors, glue, pen, ruler and colour pens.

Then she sat down, started to draw a long line with the ruler, cut it out and wanted to paint it. I stopped her there because it is not practical as paint colours will run when she sweats when wearing it. And I advised her to use coloured pens instead.

Halfway through, LL got interested in what his sister was doing. LA tried to explain to him but he did not understand until I explain it to him in very specific terms. I guess that’s because each child is different and thus thinks differently and have different perceptions about things. LL could not grasp the idea of how a feather can be attached to a hat and why would his sister want to do so. In his mind, a feather attached to a top hat makes no sense!


LA helping LL to measure his head so that it will fit! They made hats before and remembered this step. Clever them!


So both of them got down to work…. I did not interrupt besides trying to take pictures. In fact, I did not even ask them to do crafts today. They just got into it…. and helped each other to complete it.


Here’s LL helping his sister to staple the headband because she has not enough strength to do it.

Here’s LL wiht his completed Red Indian headband decorated in moon and stars motif!

And here's LA with hers. She purposely put on a weird expression for her pic.

And here’s LA with hers. She purposely put on a weird expression for her pic.

And I am a proud crafty mama!