Preschool Thematic Programme




Our weekly Preschool Thematic Programme is taught in English. This is because we would like to promote the use of English with the younger set of children, giving them a chance to use and practise the language.

Projects in this programme is specifically designed for children aged 4-6. Each project is carefully crafted to teach the children new vocabulary. Some projects will introduce new science concepts while some will introduce culture and history.

For the Preschool Thematic Programme, we use light air dry clay that is non-toxic and soft and can be easily moulded by little hands. This clay is suitable for young children.

In this programme, we use only clay from 5 basic primary colours to produce many different shades. Young children will learn to appreciate and mix all the different shades of colours from a young age.

Our Preschool Thematic Programme is normally held after school hours in Kindergartens, After School Care Centers and private homes. At this moment, these courses are only available in Melaka, Malaysia.

Do contact us if you would like us to conduct these classes in your place.