Custom Clay Classes


Custom clay art classes are offered for children age 7 and above. These classes are also open for adults too. In these classes, we encourage our students to think and be creative. We guide and help them achieve their vision of what they would like to make. Be it a pot of flowers, figurines, bookmarks, key chains, fridge magnet, accessories etc. Students are free to select their own project.

As these projects are bigger, it would normally need some internal support systems. We help students plan their projects and often we will draft it out on paper first before starting out. The planning of a project in stages and deciding on which colors and textures to use, encompasses the basic aspects of problem solving. These skills can be very useful in later years and can play a major role in your child’s career.

The clay that we use in these custom classes is different from the clay that we use in the Preschool Thematic Programme.The clay that we use is also known as air dry clay. But it’s not of the light and soft variety as the projects require more support.

Our Custom Clay Classes are normally held after school hours in Kindergartens, After School Care Centers and private homes. At this moment, these courses are only available in Melaka, Malaysia.

Do contact us if you would like us to conduct these classes in your place.