Witch’s feet bookmark



Product Description

A unique piece of art to accompany a book lovers journey to faraway places and times. A lovely conversation piece as who can resist cute little legs sticking out from a book!

The whole bookmark is lovingly made from air dry polymer clay, including the body of the bookmark.

By default the body of the bookmark is plain red. Should you require any inscription/paintings on the body, please contact me first for a separate quote on the additional time and cost involved.

The air dry clay takes approximately 48 hours to dry completely and thereafter it needs to be varnished at least 3 times. The drying time in between each layer of varnish is approximately 1 day. Thereafter, it needs about another 2-3 days to dry completely before I could pack and ship it out. All in all, it takes about 7-8 days to complete a bookmark.

As this item is handmade without any moulds involved, please allow some variations in measurements. Here are the approximate measurements:

Length – 16cm
Width – 5cm
Height – 3cm

Additional Information

Weight 250 g


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