Mother’s Day Cupcake – Garden Theme


As promised, here is the post on how I made this Garden theme Mother’s Day cupcake.  First, get a baking case that will stand all by itself, not those that needs a muffin tin to bake in. Like the one pictured below. Then you need some craft cotton. Just enough to fill up the cupcake case. I also prepared the clay colours that I will need.


Using your fingers, flatten the clay that you would like to be the cover to the cupcake case. Press down lightly at the sides so that the clay adhere to the cupcake. Once done, it should look like this.


Next, I tear up the clay that I want to make the flowers. Just a simple flower… with 8 petals with the core(which normally contains the stamens).


Use your hand to shape the core(stamen) to a sphere. The petals will be in the shape of a water drop. Here’s the flower that I have completed. One more to go…


Then, it’s time to make some mini roses. First roll out the clay to a long strip.


Then, slowly use your forefingers to press it down gently so that it becomes flat.


Roll it up and it will now resemble a mini rosebud.


I combined 3 of these to make a small cluster of roses. Now that we have all the flowers, it is time to make the leaves. Flatten a little bit of green clay into the shape of a leave. Use a craft knife or toothpick to make the lines which will be the veins of the leaf. Now it looks more like a leave… But it looks a little flat, right?


Use your hand to gently shape it to be wavy. This way, it looks more 3D and much natural looking, like a leaf should be!DSCN9758

Now comes the time to assemble the flowers and leaves onto the cupcake. I made more leaves and assembled it this way.


Now the whole thing is starting to come together. It looks cute already. But I would like to make it a little cuter. There is still a little space on the cupcake. So I decided to make a small snail. I used lavender and violet for the shell a and brown for the body.


First, let’s make the shell. Roll out the lavender and violet into a short strip. Not too long. The longer the strip is, the bigger the shell will be. Both needs to be of the same length.


Then use your fingers to flatten it a little.


Stack one color on top of the other, like this.


Roll it up carefully. It will now look like this. Use the brown to shape the body of the snail.


I know.. it looks like a worm!

Now, combine both parts and let’s prepare a little clay for the eyes.


Shape the white clay to make the whites of the eyes. Use a little brown clay to cover part of the white to be the eyelid. Then use a tiny bit of black for the eyeballs. Once completed, attach it to the head of the snail.


Use a toothpick to make the mouth. Simply, poke a hole in the middle, below the eyes. Now assemble it to your cupcake.


Your garden theme mother’s day cupcake is now completed!

**UPDATE 27/04/2013: Younger kids will find this difficult to handle. Simply simplify it by making only 1 flower :)


Get the cupcakes ready as shown in the main instructions above. Then roll out the colours that you would like to make the flower with. Here, I opt for a yellow coloured middle core, and orange and red petals. The green is for the leaves.

To make this, roll the clay with your hands. palm to palm until it is a sphere. Then place it as shown in the picture below on the cupcake. For the leaves, shape it to a water drop shape, one side smaller than the other. Then use a plastic cake knife or a toothpick to draw out the leaf’s vein. Place it next to the petal.