Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Cupcakes


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is coming soon. So, here’s another Mother’s Day/Father’s Day cupcake that you can do! I made mine using Air Dried Clay.. so that it can last as long as you like and have it displayed!

I also have simpler versions where young children(as young as age 4) can also participate if they like.

It’s not difficult to make once you know how and I am going to share how I did mine here with you.

First, get the materials you need ready. You will need a cupcake case, some craft cotton and of course, clay.


I used red clay to cover the top of the cupcake case that has been stuffed with cotton.

First form the clay to a flat round piece approximately the size of the cupcake case.


Now, we need to construct the “face”. First get some skin tone clay (or you can make your own by mixing 4 parts white, 1 part red and 1 part yellow).


Shape the skin tone clay into a smaller circle. Put this in the middle of the cupcake. This will become the face of daddy/mummy.


Now, we need to add on all facial features – the eyes, nose, mouth and some hair! Ahem.. for daddy we even added on a cute moustache!

We rolled some black clay into long strips, as shown below.


Then we combine them together and trim it to the length that we want and fit it neatly onto the head.


Now, let’s prepare the clay needed for the eyes nose and mouth!


Let’s start with the eyes. Use white clay and make 2 small white disc for the whites of the eyes. Then place them carefully on the face.


Now use a little black to make the eyeballs. You can place the eyeballs anywhere within the whites of the eyes. Make it look right, left, up, down etc.


After the eyes are completed, let’s move on to the nose. Use a little skin-toned clay and make a small sphere. Place it below the eyes where a nose should be.


Now let’s make the mouth. Get a little red clay and shape it to form a tiny triangle. Don’t worry if it is not really a triangle. Place it where the mouth should be, below the nose.


Taa daaa… Now it’s done! Hmmm… it looks a little young? Like a brother and not father? No worries. Let’s add on some moustache! Cute, cute moustache! Get some black clay and shape a the moustache. Here, I shape it to a little “S” shape and stuck it between the nose and mouth. Now it looks more like “father”!


Using the same method, you could create another cupcake for Mother :)


For younger children, simplify it. The whole cupcake top is used to make the face. Make bigger eyes. Use multi-coloured clay to create the hair. Looks cute right?