Mickey Mouse Yarn Balls


I saw this on someone’s Newsfeed in Facebook one day… but it was meant to be an Easter egg with treasures inside it. It looks cool and I thought to myself.. I need to make this!

Then this idea hit me. We were talking about Mickey Mouse and reading some Mickey Mouse story books before this and LA keeps bugging me to make a Mickey Mouse craft.

So, I think you can guess what happened… I just combined the idea of this craft to make… Mickey Mouse Yarn Balls!

Here is a detailed blog on how the “balls” or eggs are done: http://happyhourprojects.com/yarn-eggs/


Here’s some of the items that we used for this craft. This craft is rather messy. So, go ahead with it ONLY if you can tolerate some messiness. Spread newspaper over the work area. It helps cleaning up and put the glue into disposable containers.

This craft is good for teaching and reinforcing the shape spheres. Also, if your little one is learning colors, this would be a good time to reinforce the lesson.


The whole process for this craft took quite long. So have lots of patience and make sure that you have ample time. Also get good quality balloons. The balloons we got was probably of inferior quality. It became smaller even as the yarn is drying out. And the yarn took a loooooonnnnggg time to dry out. So you really need to have patience! At first we hung it at the window grilles to dry it out.


But then the weather outside was hot! So, we took it out and hung it under the sun instead. Some balloons shrunk! And we had to redo them. Because when it shrinks when the yarn is not completely dried, the yarn was out of shape.

We only managed to combine the 3 spheres together the next day. We tied the 3 spheres of yarn to form Mickey’s head. Well, after all, Mickey’s head is made up of 3 spheres! :)