Little Happy Mother’s Day Bird


I saw this picture in my Facebook feed one day, someone shared it on the wall and I saw it. It’s just super cute!!!

It’s super cute right? So, I decided that my little ones will be doing this for Mother’s Day craft :) And so when LA came and ask me this morning to do some crafts, immediately, I decided we would do this. We would adapt it to our theme – Mother’s Day. And so we will make 1 mummy bird and 1 baby bird, instead of 3 birds.

Here are some of the items we need for this craft.


First, cut a paper plate into half and staple the 2 halves together. Here’s LA stapling it. She does not have enough strength and so used the floor as leverage.


OK. The nest part is half done. Now for the birds. I do not have any pom-poms at home so we need to make it ourselves. I decided that we use yarn. I have a whole bagful of yarn and asked LA to choose the colour that she wants her bird to be. Are you not surprised she chose pink? Hehe… look at the colour of her clothes that she is wearing in the picture :)

We used a fork and twirl the yarn round and round the fork.


Then I helped LA tie up a knot in the middle. The half completed pom-pom now looks like this.


Now we need to cut the “rings”. After cutting, it looks like this. Trim it so that the length of the yarn is even.


We used a fork to make a small pom-pom. Unfortunately I do not have a serving fork, which is bigger than the normal fork and would be perfect for mama bird. So, I had to improvise.

I used a box, used some elastic to secure 2 craft stick to it.


And I helped LA to twirl the yarn round it.

And then we tie and cut it up just like we did with the baby bird.

Now, comes the time to make the beak and eyes for the birds. We made the beak from yellow colored foam. LA cut out some foam into 2 small triangles.


Then she glued on the beaks and some googly eyes on to the pom-poms.


See, how cute they are?


Now, glue the birds to some popsicle/craft sticks.


Here’s how they look like with the popsicle/craft sticks.


So, when inserted into the nest, this is how it would look like.

Now that we have completed the birds, it’s time to get the nest done too!


For the nest, I have LA tear up some brown paper into small pieces and glue it onto the paper plate.


Then paste the brown paper onto the paper plate.


And here’s how it looks like after it has been done! I helped her write “Happy’s Mother’s Day” at the bottom!


And LA can slide the ends of the Popsicle/Craft stick between the plates so that baby bird can rest in their nest or pop up for a snuggle with mummy!