Jellyfish in a bottle

If you have been browsing for craft ideas, most likely you would have come across this.

Following all the instructions in the websites. I did not manage to get it to work the first time round. First of all, it’s because I can’t find a long, tall jar with a wide mouth. Then, I made the mistake of not leaving a little space for an air bubble in the dome of the jelly fish. It’s because I used a normal soda bottle and the top is too small. So, in trying to get the dome of the jelly fish in, I totally forgot about the air bubble.. which is the crucial part on getting the jellyfish to float and turn!

So, what do you need for this craft?

1) A soda bottle

2) Food colouring

3) Water

4) Thread

5) White grocery bag.

6) Scissors

The instructions here (, is way better than what my pictures show… I will still share them. But do read this blog for more accurate pictures :)


Here’s what I used, and before I started out on the craft, I shared some little tid bits about jellyfish from a kids’s encyclopedia(the book at the back).


Cutting up the grocery bag


Cutting the tentacles of the jellyfish


Jellyfish done!


Fill up the soda bottle with water and add on a few drops of food colouring. Insert the jellyfish into the soda bottle and voila! You are done!



It’s not very clear in the pictures :( But it is great for the kids to play with!

But somehow, it gets mouldy as time goes by and had to discard them :( But it was great while it lasted!