It’s a Snail.. No, it’s a Tortoise!


I have this egg carton lying around and LA has been bugging me to make a yatch using the the egg carton. Well, reason is because she has made a yatch in school using egg cartons and she wants to do it again at home! Hmmm… well, I would prefer that she do a different craft so I told her, “Hang on, let mummy thing of another craft using egg carton.”

Then, inspiration hit me. She has been immersed in learning all about snails in school. They even have snails brought to school and each child is given the chance to “make friends” with the snail.

And they hace been doing snail crafts in school too. So, what’s one more snail craft at home? It goes to reinforce what she has learnt in school right?

And the egg carton is just right for making a snail too!

So, here’s what you will need. egg carton, toilet/paper roll, corrugated cardboard.


I assembled it this way to look like a snail.


LA saw it. And she wanted a turn at it too. She played with it a while…. turn it this way and that way…. and a few minutes later, showed me this.


Mummy, it’s not a snail. It’s a TOROTISE! Needless to say, I was amazed by her creativity!

She then proceeded to paint each animal…..


Painting the snail


Painting the Tortoise

And then we used modelling clay to secure the “shells” of each animal to its body. We used some pipe cleaners to make the tentacles of the snail.

DSCN9201 DSCN9202


And we are done! :)

Onwards to the second part of the snail story. For the past few days, we have caught over 20 snails in our garden.


And so, to reinforce the lessons on snail, we brought it in and showed LL and LA before we let them go in a thicket near our house.

Enjoy the pictures!


LA is pretty much scared of a harmless snail. Finally managed to persuade her touch the tentacles to show how the snail “feels” its way around.


Here’s the snail!!!


Freeing the snails in the thicket near my house.. Bye-bye snails!