Cherry Blossom Thumbprints

This is probably too late as Chinese New Year is over. But there is always next year right? I found this craft online somewhere but as usual, little blur me did not take note! So sorry if I did not credit you… This craft is pretty simple to make. I used a piece of mahjong […]

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Cat Hat

The craft that I will sharing with all of you today is called the CAT HAT. I named it the CAT HAT because I think it rhymes The Cat Hat is not too difficult to make and is suitable for young kids. The many pictures below shows my daughter who has just turned 4 couple […]

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Box Dog

My little girl was pestering me to make some dog craft and I was looking for ideas on the internet (google and pinterest are my best friends now!) And IĀ found this somewhere on the internet (sorry, can’t remember where and thus can’t credit you here!) And I have to confess that I can’t find a […]

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