LA with her cheeky pose, decorating her headband

Red Indian headband!!

We were about to leave the house and we saw this… 2 of them, lying on the floor.   What do you think we did? Of course we picked it up! Then LA got inspired. She knew where I kept my craft supplies and went to get a long strip of cardboard, scissors, glue, pen, […]

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Tutorial: Father’s Day cupcakes!

This is a really, really late post! Meant to post this tutorial up last month but you know, things just got away. One thing after another and this post was drafted and never posted. Missed the Father’s Day deadline but well, this would make a nice gift for Daddy on his birthday too! So, here […]

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Here are 2 of my minions!

Tutorial: Minions from Despicable Me

Minions are in! Everyone is (or should I say was because it is definitely sold out now!) rushing to Mc Donald’s, queuing up for hours, buying Happy Meals just to get a Minion. They even crash and destroy the doors of McD outlets! Chill fellas! No doubt the little Minions are cute but surely we […]

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