Box Dog


My little girl was pestering me to make some dog craft and I was looking for ideas on the internet (google and pinterest are my best friends now!) And I found this somewhere on the internet (sorry, can’t remember where and thus can’t credit you here!)


Cutting the corners to the small mark before folding it down

And I have to confess that I can’t find a “dog” storybook to read at the spur of the moment and thus, I just dug up some dog facts and share with her. We have a dog at home and if you are a dog owner, you would probably know that dogs can’t eat chocolates. But this round, she was rather impatient to get started and so, without further ado, we got started on the first stage.

As this is a rather complex craft, I have to break it up into a few different sessions. First session was spent on making the box. I can’t find 2 similar boxes and thus I have to create 2 from art paper. The picture below describes the process better. Please click on the picture for a better view.




I took the opportunity here to teach her about shapes (rectangle have 4 sides etc). It might look simple but it takes a lot of concentration on the child’s part to fold in straight lines. The whole process of making the box took up the better part of the hour. And we had to let the glue dry out first before proceeding to the next step(session).


Painting the boxes

In the next session, I helped the kids cut out the gaping hole in the box which was to become the mouth. Then they proceeded to paint the box in their desired colour.

For this craft, I actually limited their choice of colours to “normal” dog colours :) Reason being that I wanted it to look like a dog and not some blue or green monster (no matter how cute it is!)…

Then while waiting for the paint to dry, I helped them cut out the teeth. I cut out 2 strips of white paper and helped them draw jagged lines on it. The jagged teeth will be a challenge to young kids. My girl who is 4 plus had trouble finishing it. So I had to help her.. but my boy who is 7 plus have no problems.


Glue, Crepe Paper, Googly eyes, foam

When the teeth is done, the box should be dried already. Get the rest of the items needed to finish the dog ready. These will be googly eyes. some foam for the mouth, crepe paper(or normal coloured paper) for the tongue and ears, and of course some glue to stick all these on!

If you like, you could also use other coloured papers to give the dog an eye patch or spots :) Be creative!

Hope that your kids and you enjoy this craft!