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Mickey Mouse Yarn Balls

I saw this on someone’s Newsfeed in Facebook one day… but it was meant to be an Easter egg with treasures inside it. It looks cool and I thought to myself.. I need to make this! Then this idea hit me. We were talking about Mickey Mouse and reading some […]

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Air Dried Clay

Have you heard of Air Dried Clay? No? Yes? Many heard of FIMO before but FIMO is quite difficult to come by in Malaysia. Normally it is plasticine (modelling clay) where it leaves an icky feeling and smell on your fingers after use. I don’t like it. But this Air […]

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Ang Pow Lantern

This is another overdue post… 3 months late, to be exact. I made these last minute, day before the eve of Chinese New Year this year. LA came to me few days before CNY and told me, “Mummy, our house is very ugly… There is no decorations”. And she put […]

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Jellyfish in a bottle

If you have been browsing for craft ideas, most likely you would have come across this. Following all the instructions in the websites. I did not manage to get it to work the first time round. First of all, it’s because I can’t find a long, tall jar with a […]

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