Air Dried Clay


Have you heard of Air Dried Clay? No? Yes? Many heard of FIMO before but FIMO is quite difficult to come by in Malaysia. Normally it is plasticine (modelling clay) where it leaves an icky feeling and smell on your fingers after use. I don’t like it. :(

But this Air Dried Clay is nice… really nice. It’s soft, flexible, easy to mix colours and it makes amazing stuff!

Both LL (Little Lawyer) and LA(Little Artist) have been using this media to create art for about a year and a half already and both loves it!

I like it too! No doubt it is more expensive compared to the normal plasticine(modelling clay) and it is more convenient than FIMO that needs to be oven baked.

Here is the brand that I use. It’s AMOS iClay.


I know I am repeating myself but my 2 kids love this and they use this clay to create amazing crafts!

OK.. before you get hoity toity, AMOS did not pay me to write this post to promote their products. This is just simply from my observation for the past year, where my kids used and is still using these clay.

Number 1 Observation: It improves their motor skills. They will need to manipulate the clay to make different type of shapes. This increases their motor skills.

Number 2 Observation: They learn about perspectives. Big, Small, Bigger than, Smaller than…

Number 3 Observation: They learn about colours. Starting from the names of the colours… like red, blue, yellow, green… slowly they learn how to mix colours. My LA who has not turn 4 last year could tell me: red and blue makes purple, blue and white makes light blue, red and white makes pink, blue and yellow makes green. Amazing!

Number 4 Observation: They learn about shapes. Sphere, Cube, Circle, Square, Triangle etc.

Number 5 Observation: It increases their creativity and is also a good tool to introduce 3D art.

Number 6 Observation: It helps them focus on the task on hand. Helps with their concentration.

Number 7 Observation: This activity can be combined with different topics/themes to indirectly teach kids about a certain subject. For example, a farm theme… Animals from a farm can be created using iClay and children will learn more about each animal! What it eats, what is its young called, where does it stay, what does it produce etc.

Number 8 Observation: It is fun! Definitely more fun than just drawing and coloring on paper. And I think this is the most important reason of all!


Done by LL last year (Age 7)


Done by LA last year (Age 4)

So, now you must be wondering… what am I leading up to with this post?

In this blog, so far, I have not posted any crafts done with this clay YET! This would be my first post on iClay.

And what I am trying to lead you to is this… *drumroll please*….  I am proud to say that StoryCraftz will soon be starting up Clay Craft classes. We won’t only be teaching you how to manipulate a piece of pliable clay to make a cute object. We will be teaching you more. In our own unique style, we are combining Stories and Fun Facts with craft. Every lesson is designed to teach your child about a subject. And clay craft simply reinforces it.

Here is a brochure that I have made. Comments and inquiries are more than welcomed :)